[R] wilcox.exact() problem

David Croll david.croll at gmx.ch
Tue Oct 27 16:09:58 CET 2009

Dear R friends,

here I write again about the wilcox.exact() problem. I want to compare two sets of categorical data, and in one case it says "negative length vectors not allowed", and in the other one I get the error "cannot allocate vector of length ...".

On http://rapidshare.com/files/298621893/wilcox.exact_trouble.Rdata.html you can download the data that cause the trouble. (Attention: 10 Downloads only, so you may have to send me an e-mail so I can mail you the Rdata file directly.)

> library(exactRankTests)
  Package ‘exactRankTests’ is no longer under development.
  Please consider using package ‘coin’ instead.
> wilcox.exact(group_1,group_2,exact=T)
Error in .Call("cpermdist2", ma = as.integer(m), mb = as.integer(col),  : 
  negative length vectors are not allowed
> wilcox.exact(group_3,group_4,exact=T)
Error in .Call("cpermdist2", ma = as.integer(m), mb = as.integer(col),  : 
  cannot allocate vector of length 1621367542

1621367542 is the same as 2^30.59, so the memory can't be allocated on my 32-bit computer.

Can somebody point out the problem to me?

Kind regards,

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