[R] Documenting related data sets

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Fri Oct 23 16:52:13 CEST 2009

Say I want to include the data from Minard's march on Moscow graphic in 
a package.  They consist of
three data frames, Minard.troops, Minard.cities, Minard.temp.

I've determined that I can document them all in one .Rd file, Minard.Rd, 
that starts:

Data from Minard's famous graphic map of Napoleon's march on Moscow

But, AFAICS, it seems I have to save each of these in a separate .RData 
/ .rda file for them
to be found by R CMD check.  Is this correct, or is there some way to 
include them all
in a Minard.RData, via

save(Minard.troops, Minard.cities, Minard.temp, file="Minard.RData")


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