[R] Time Zone names on Windows

Keith kigiokli at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 17:23:07 CEST 2009

Dear R-users,

I tried to read recorded data into R, but confronted the problem about
time zone. The data was recorded in GMT+1 (without summer time
changing), and at first I tried to do in the way:

data <- read.zoo("data.txt", header=FALSE, sep=",", format="%H:%M:%S
%d.%m.%Y", strip.white=TRUE, tz="GMT+1", skip=3)

However, it failed. Then, I found the description of "Time Zones" in R
help and noticed the Olson database is stored in the specific folder
under Windows OS which is the OS I'm working on. I noticed there is no
file related to GMT+1 time zone if I understood correctly. So far my
workaround is to set the tz to Africa/Lagos where is the city in
Africa sharing the same time zone. However, it's a little bit weird
because the data was not collected in that city nor the place near by.

My question is that if there is other way to set the tz to GMT+1
instead using my workaround to have a neutral meaning in my script?


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