[R] Singular Gradient Test

Douglas M. Hultstrand dmhultst at metstat.com
Mon Oct 19 23:49:35 CEST 2009


I posted this question last week and have not heard anything, I am 
wondering if anyone had ideas for testing a model relationship?

I am working with a real-time hydrologic modeling system, and I am using 
R (R batch script on Linux) to create a non-linear relationship 
(exponential) between observed data. I want to extract the non-linear 
coefficients (“b” and “m”) if the relationship can be created, if the 
relationship cannot be created I will use default “b” and “m” 
coefficients. In the R script I some times get an error of singular 
gradient matrix (see below). I want to test whether I can create the 
relationship (singular gradient causes the script crash) and use the 
model extracted coefficients or use default coefficients.

Model in R batch script:
fit.nls <- nls(P~(b*exp(m*Z)), start=list(m=0.015,b=0.017),
Error in nlsModel(formula, mf, start, wts) :
singular gradient matrix at initial parameter estimates

** the initial parameter values are also the default

Specific Questions:
1) Is there a way to test fit.nls (or the data) prior to see if this 
error occurs.
2) Would this test be set up as an if statement?
if (fit is good) {proceed model coefficients} else {use default 

Thanks for all your help,

Douglas M. Hultstrand, MS
Senior Hydrometeorologist
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