[R] Modify the plot from countCDFxt

Michelle DePrenger-Levin DePrengM at botanicgardens.org
Fri Oct 16 22:53:23 CEST 2009


I am running the plot from countCDFxt (popbio). I would like to report the
y-axis as a percent instead of the log scale (e^01...). I can add an axis
with axis(2, 0:1, line =2) but I'm having trouble understanding how to assign
the tic marks (with 'at ='). I'd like to tell it to make tics with the
percent value (or decimal if that's my only option) at the equivalent of
e^-1, e^-2, etc, but the values don't seem to line up correctly. I'd also
like to replace the provided axis with my axis instead of just placing my
axis out a line but I'm unsure how to do that. 

logNE <- log(erbr$NEast[-1]/erbr$NEast[-6])
countCDFxt(mean(logNE), var(logNE), nt=5, Nc=1317, Ne=200)
axis(2, 0:1, labels = c(0.018, 0.050, 0.135, 0.368, 1), at = c(0.018, 0.050,
0.135, 0.368, 1), line =1)

Year        NEast NWest
2004        731   1732
2005        898   2004
2006        714   1130
2007        1748  1722
2008        1901  1661
2009        1317  1563

1. How do I tell axis() to report as a percent?
2. Why don't my values in label and at match the given axis?
3. How do I replace the axis label in countCDFxt?

Thanks for any help,


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