[R] how to install JGR manually?

cgw at witthoft.com cgw at witthoft.com
Fri Oct 16 20:36:59 CEST 2009

It doesn't get that far.  I launch jgr.exe and it announces that it can't connect to the internet, and shuts itself down.

I've installed every dependent package listed in the jgr documentation.


Oct 16, 2009 09:14:38 AM, landronimirc at gmail.com wrote:


(cc'ing JGR specific list)

On 10/15/09, Carl Witthoft  wrote:
> Here's the problem: on Windows, the 'jgr.exe' tool starts up by checking
> for a connecting to the 'net in order to grab the support packages. Well,
> we have machines at work that are not and never will be connected to the
> Internet.   I tried manually installing all the packages (JGR, Rjava,  etc)
> but the jgr.exe still tries to find a connection.
Have you (manually) installed all JGR dependencies: iplots, JavaGD,
etc.? What is the exact message that JGR pops out? Does JGR refuse to
start at all?

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