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> Dear all,
> I have the cdf of the following power fuction distribution:
> F(y)=(y/350)^a               ,0<y<350,
> where " a " is some parameter with range a>0.
> I want to use it as the argument of the discretize function of the actuar package.
> So I think I need to define this function to R so that if I entered a=1, I get the
> following
> F(y)=(y/350)
> and if I entered a=4.5, I get the following
> F(y) =(y/350)^4.5
> ........... and so on
> I've tried
> a<-vector(mode="numeric",length=1)
> powercdf<-function(a,y)
> (y/350)^a
> But when I typed: powercdf(10,y)
> instead of getting : (y/350)^10     (which is what I want)
> I got : object y not found ??
> I want y to remain as it is, a continous variable, not for example seq(0,350).
> Thank you in advance.
> Maram

You say "I want y to remain as it is, ...".  where is y defined outside of your function?


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