[R] histogram

Dmitry Gospodaryov gospodaryov at rambler.ru
Tue Oct 13 13:06:46 CEST 2009

Dear R developers,How I can build a histogram from matrix:

 0 0.5 1

0.25 34 43 65
1 23 35 54
4 22 29 42
10 21 22 29
20 15 17 20

(first string is represented names of columns,
first column is represented names of rows)
where names of columns should be x-axis labels; respectively
to this, I want to have three groups of bars (5 bars in each group)?
Y values should be represented by values given in the "core" of
matrix. Names of the rows should be in a legend, and should
represent the each of 5 bars (in group) name.
I would also try to build filled contour, however, i can't
"ask" the program to consider column and rownames like
true values, not only like labels. So, column names should
be the y-values, while row names should be the x-values.
Values placed in the "core" of matrix should be z-values.

With regard, Dmitry.

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