[R] "Use R" -- term and logo copyright?

Marianne Promberger marianne.promberger at kcl.ac.uk
Fri Oct 9 21:46:57 CEST 2009

Dear list,

I would like to start some R workshops at King's College London, and
to do so, I would like to use the "Use R!" logo at

Since it seems to be difficult to get a shell account at KCL, I also went
ahead and registered use-r.org.uk and am starting to put together a
website at kcl.use-r.org.uk.

I really like the "Use R!" slogan, which seems to be used by the R
user conferences and Springer (the latter without the exclamation

Even more, I really *really* like "Use R!" logo.  I think it is very
elegant indeed! Kudos to whoever designed it.

However, I'm completely in the dark about copyright issues of the logo
and the slogan.

Can I use (a) the logo and/or (b) the slogan for the KCL R workshops?
I think it is quite clear from "my" website that this is neither about
the Springer book series nor about an R user conference.

I enquired with the agrocampus-ouest.fr website about the logo but was
pointed to r-project.org and the R development core team. I thought in
that case it might be best to ask here to have the answer publicly
available -- sorry if I overlooked the information online somewhere.


Marianne Promberger PhD, King's College London
R version 2.9.2 (2009-08-24)
Ubuntu 9.04

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