[R] odfWeave & XML error in post-processing

Rob James rob at aetiologic.ca
Thu Oct 8 22:25:47 CEST 2009

I've been happily building a file with odfWeave, and just as the hour 
draws nigh for it to be sent off, odfWeave or XML throws  the following 
catastrophic error:

...this is the tail of entirely uneventful processing of input file.....

 31 : term xml(label=LR_Fall_Model_Results)
  32 : term verbatim(label=LR_Model_Fall_graph)
  33 : term xml(label=LR_OMC_tab)

 'content_1.xml' has been Sweaved

 Removing content.xml

 Post-processing the contents
xmlParseStartTag: invalid element name
Entity 'apos' not defined
Entity 'apos' not defined

This triplet of errors XMLParse, and duplicate "Entity" lines is 
reported several times, then XML or odfWeave  packs up its toys, and 
goes home without an output file.

I'd (desperately) love any insights anyone might have.



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