[R] New Special Interest Group: R-SIG-DYNAMIC-MODELS

Thomas Petzoldt Thomas.Petzoldt at tu-dresden.de
Thu Oct 8 17:53:35 CEST 2009

Dear useRs and developeRs,

In the last few months we have had an increasing number of requests
about deSolve and dynamic modelling. We have also received several
requests to establish a SIG of our own about such things. We think
this is a good idea  -- here it is!

R-sig-dynamic-models --
     Special Interest Group for Dynamic Simulation Models in R


mailto:r-sig-dynamic-models at r-project.org

"A mailing list for discussing the use of R for implementation,
simulation and analysis of dynamic simulation models. The list covers
differential equation models (ODE, DAE, PDE, DDE) as well as other
dynamic systems (e.g. individual-based or agent-based simulations) in
different application areas ranging from natural sciences to economy."

The list is intended as a forum for users and developers with
different skills and background and for everybody who uses R for
modelling dynamic systems from basic to advanced, for answering
technical questions, for announcing new books, courses and
conferences, for discussing examples and solutions or for promoting
the development of new packages and tools.

Please feel free to subscribe, to ask questions and to contribute!

Thomas Petzoldt
Woodrow Setzer
Karline Soetaert

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