[R] To hell with OpenSuse, ditch it and go to Ubuntu

Robert Wilkins robstdev at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 03:12:14 CEST 2009

this blog entry


, if credible , would seem to suggest that there is no good reason to
choose Suse.
I really don't have time for such nonsense, maybe I'll just reinstall as Ubuntu.

Also, noticed that GCC was not installed when Suse installed. That's
just weird, GCC is part of Linux.
And if you try to install GCC, the available options , are , again ,
thoroughly confusing.
It appears the Software-Install features of Suse are just not very robust.

Is Fedora any better?
Do you think that blog post is accurate in comparing Ubuntu and Suse?
Since Mandriva apparently has little market share or support in the
US, I guess I won't do with that.
So it's Ubuntu or Fedora.

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