[R] GLM quasipoisson error

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Mon Oct 5 23:31:06 CEST 2009

atorso wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having an error when trying to fit the next GLM:
>>>model<-glm(response ~ CLONE_M + CLONE_F + HATCHING
> (CLONE_M*CLONE_F*HATCHING), family=quasipoisson)
>>> anova(model, test="Chi")
>>Error in if (dispersion == 1) Inf else object$df.residual : 
>   missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
> If I fit the same model by using the Poisson distribution, it works.
> I have not a clue about where the problem could be. Do you have any
> idea or suggestion I could try?

It would help if you gave a reproducible example.

The following simple example seems to work.

> x = runif(100)
> y = rpois(100,x)
> mq = glm(y~x,family="quasipoisson")
> anova(mq,test="Chi")

Other points: (1) I think you're a little bit confused about
R model notation.  * means "main effects and all interactions",
: means "interaction only".  You could rewrite your model
more correctly as

model<-glm(response ~ CLONE_M + CLONE_F + HATCHING
(CLONE_M:CLONE_F:HATCHING), family=quasipoisson)

or even better (compactly) as 

model<-glm(response ~  CLONE_M*CLONE_F*HATCHING, 

although all three ways give equivalent answers since the extra
main-effect terms get dropped silently.

(2) you should probably use test="F" rather than test="Chisq"
for a quasi- model: see Crawley 2002 and/or Venables and Ripley.

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