[R] Winbugs under R's error message

Polwart Calum (County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust) calum.polwart at nhs.net
Sat Oct 3 14:20:40 CEST 2009

>LinZhongjun wrote:
> >I ran Winbugs under R. I could get the results, but I kept getting the error messages:
> >                                                                    Error in file(con, "wb") : cannot open the connection
> >In addition: Warning messages:
> >1: In file.create(to[okay]) :
> >  cannot create file 'c:/Program Files/WinBUGS14//System/Rsrc/Registry_Rsave.odc', reason 'Permission denied'

Uwe wrote:
> You probably do not have write permissions for those WinBUGS files that R2WinBUGS tries to rewrite.
and wrote:
> Why do you post twice?

Uwe that was a pretty obvious answer and filled my inbox with two rather useless emails at the same time - so I hardly think you have the right to then criticise someone for dual posting.  I'd guess he didn't intentionally do it!

However your answer failed to point out the more obvious reason there is a problem - the path has a double forward slash in it WinBUGS14//System - under windows thats an impossible file name as far as I know.  I don't use WinBUGS (*or even windows) but rather than looking at file privs you should be trying to find how that path gets built.  My gut feeling is there will be a config file somewhere with a path that is C:/program files/WinBugs14 and another path that takes you from there to the files which is listed as /System/Rsrc/ - joining the two together and you get a double slash.  Probably take the leading slash off the second one - but not sure where you'll find the file.

Hope that helps - sorry I can't tell you where to look.


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