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sdlywjl666 wrote:
> Dear all,
>      What is the usage of the ".Call()"?
> What is the meaning of the follows:
> S=.Call("RS_fractal_spectral_density_function_direct",x,as.vector(taper.),as.logical(center),as.logical(recenter),TRUE,as.integer(npad),COPY=rep(FALSE,6),CLASSES=c(rep("matrix",2),rep("logical",3),"integer"),PACKAGE="ifultools")

.Call() is similar to .C() in that it calls up a compiled C function from a
dynamic library that has been loaded by R. However there is one differece--
.C() is used to pass information using standard C variable types as:

.C( 'myFunc', x = as.integer( someX ), y = as.double( someY ), PACKAGE =
'myPackage' )

Note that as.integer() and as.double() are used to ensure C receives objects
of the proper type. This would be processed by a C function with the
following definition:

void myFunc( int* x, double* y ){

  // C-level monkey business


.Call() is different in that it passes variables as R structures rather
basic C types. Using .Call() you don't have to wrap the arguments in
coercion functions like as.double(). The .Call() interface also expects that
the C function will return an R object:

.Call( 'myFunc', someX, someY, PACKAGE = 'myPackage' )

The C function now looks like:

#include <R.h>
#include <Rdefines.h>

SEXP myFunc( SEXP x, SEXP y ){

  // C-level monkey business with R objects


The other main interface is .External() which gathers all the arguments into
a single SEXP which is passed to C. More information and examples of .C(),
.Call() and .External() can be found in sections 5.2 and 5.10 of the
"Writing R Extensions" manual.

sdlywjl666 wrote:
> And is a function of "RS_fractal_spectral_density_function_direct"?
> Can I get the detail of "RS_fractal_spectral_density_function_direct"?
> Thanks a lot!
> Best regards,
> Wang

That function exists as compiled code in a dynamic library loaded by the
ifultools package so there is no way to directly view it from the R console.
However, you can download the source tarball for ifultools from CRAN, untar
it and scan the C files in the source directory:

cd ifultools
cd src
grep RS_fractal_spectral_density_function_direct *

Which reveals that it lives in the file RS_fra_sdf.c

I hope this helps!


Charlie Sharpsteen
Environmental Resources Engineering
Humboldt State University
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