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gcheer3 gcheer3 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 16:52:37 CET 2009

Thank you again, Joh

Based on your code seems I solved the problem.
new code as follows:
cs<-expression(delta[1], delta[2])
plot(sigma, delta1, ylim=range(-0.5, 2), xlab='sigma', ylab='delta', pch=22, 
points(sigma, delta2, col='red', axes=FALSE, type='o') 
legend("topleft", cs,    pch = c(21, 22), lty=1, col=2:1)

only concern is there is a waring message in R: Warning message:
In plot.xy(xy.coords(x, y), type = type, ...) :
  "axes" is not a graphical parameter

gcheer3 wrote:
> a graph question. Thanks a lot in advance.
> I made two scatterplots on one graph (sigma vs. delta1, sigma vs. delta2)
> (20 observations of delta1, delta2 and corresponding sigma) the x-axis is
> sigma, the y-axis is either delta1 or delta2. I connected both
> scatterplots. To seperate them, one curves is a line with circles, the
> other curve is a line with squares on it. 
> I want to make a notation either on the y-axis or on the graph. The
> notiaion is "delta1--square; delta2--circle". So when people look at the
> graph, they can easily tell each curve's meaning. The curve with squares
> on it means the sigma vs. delta1, and the curve with circles on it means
> sigma vs. delta2. I think I can use 'expression' to write delta1, delta2
> and sigma in greek letters, but I am not sure how to denote the square and
> cirle I graphed.

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