[R] nlmeODE posthoc

Leonid Gibiansky LGibiansky at quantpharm.com
Fri Nov 20 18:48:47 CET 2009

Dear All,
I am new to this list, and also to population modeling with R (nlmeODE). 
Could someone send me a simple example how to do posthoc-type estimate 
(for example, for the Theoph.nlme model in PKPDmodels library):

I have a PK model, and I have a new subject. How to estimate individual 
parameters for a new subject based on the population model?

In general, what would be the best book/tutorial/online resource to 
learn nlmeODE package (I am a nonmem user, so just need to see examples 
or clear description of how it needs to be done); I do not want to 
bother r-help too often but the R-help included into the package is not 
very detailed.


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