[R] How to see any R package code?

Zhijiang Wang ivorytower at emails.bjut.edu.cn
Fri Nov 6 10:28:16 CET 2009

   Thank you Jim!
   The problem is solved now.
   Jim Lemon 写道:

     On 11/06/2009 02:24 AM, Zhijiang Wang wrote:

         Dear All,
         I have modified a .R code
     (/usr/local/lib/R/site-library/brainwaver/R), but
         when I run it, why does it run the original code? Whatever I modified
         the results did not change.
         what happened?

     Hi Zhijiang,
     If you modify a source code file in an external editor, you must save the
     result, then use:
     where "mycode.R" is the name of the file that you have modified. The code
     that you "source" will replace the previous code. It looks like you are
     modifying the code of one or more functions in the brainwaver package, so
     when you have the function working as you wish, you will probably want to
     rebuild the package, perhaps renaming it to something like brainwaver2.
     See "Writing R extensions" (R-exts.html) for information on how to do
     this. You would then be able to use:
     instead of the original library.


Best wishes,
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