[R] dimnames do not match array extent

Penner, Johannes Johannes.Penner at mfn-berlin.de
Mon May 11 16:06:58 CEST 2009

Dear adegenet users,

I am trying to calculate geographical barriers using "monmonier".
However, I consistently get the error "dimnames do not match array

- import of the distance matrix: read.table
- conversion 1: as.dist(data, diag=TRUE, upper =TRUE)
- conversion 2: as.matrix(data)

- is.numeric(data) are answered for the geographic and the species
distances are answered TRUE
- is.matrix(data) is also answered TRUE for both

The network is calculated but when setting the threshold I always get
the above error.

However, I checked the names and numbers of rows and columns now several
times in Excel and I can find no differences... What would be the R way?
Or is there a simple way to adopt the names from a "master" file?

Trying to get around the problem I calculated everything without any
row- or column names. I than get the error "dimnames do not match array
extent" when using "optimize.monmonier"

Any solution or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards

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