[R] How to save independent R sessions in BATCH mode???

mcnda839 at mncn.csic.es mcnda839 at mncn.csic.es
Thu May 7 16:34:14 CEST 2009

Hi guys,

I already have put this question some time ago however replies were  
not straight to the problem. Even so thanks a lot for the answers!

I reformulate the problem.

I have a script file with the following commands:

for (i in 1:300)
- open session --> load(“X_i.rdata”)
- perform some calcules --> (
- save session --> save.image(“Y_i.rdata”)
end for

The problem here is that, I cannot save.image and begin a new “clean”  
session. An hypothesis could be to delete all R objects after the  
save.image, but this does not seem too efficient to perform.
What should I do to begin a R clean session in the same batch  
processing? Are there any other suggestion on this?

Thanks in advance,

Diogo André Alagador

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