[R] Reshape: 'melt' numerous objects

Steve Murray smurray444 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 31 18:12:18 CEST 2009

Dear R Users,

I'm trying to use the reshape package to 'melt' my gridded data into column format. I've done this before on individual files, but this time I'm trying to do it on a directory of files (with variable file names) - therefore I have to also use the 'assign' command. I have come up against a couple of problems however and am therefore seeking advice...

> assign(paste("Fekete_table_temp", index$year[i], index$month[i], sep='')$Latitude,rownames(Fekete_198601))  # Using the row names of a given file 
Error in paste("Fekete_table_temp", index$year[i], index$month[i], sep = "")$Latitude : 
  $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

To get round this, I did:

assign(paste("Fekete_table_temp", index$year[i], index$month[i], sep='')["Latitude"],rownames(Fekete_198601))

And for the actual loop in which the files are melted, I tried:

for (i in 1:120) {
Fekete_table_temp <- get(paste("Fekete_", index$year[i], index$month[i], sep=''))
Fekete_table_long <- melt(Fekete_table_temp, id.var="Latitude", na.rm=TRUE)
assign(paste("Fekete_long_", index$year[i], index$month[i], sep=''), Fekete_table_long)
names(paste("Fekete_long_", index$year[i], index$month[i], sep=''), c("Latitude", "Longitude", paste("Obs",index$year[i], index$month[i], sep=''))

However, this results in:

Error: id variables not found in data: Latitude

...despite me having (supposedly) told it where 'Latitude' is, in 'Fekete_table_temp'.

What have I done wrong here?! And more importantly, how do I put it right?!

Many thanks for any help,


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