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Mayeul Kauffmann mayeul.kauffmann at ecoledelapaix.org
Tue Mar 31 15:59:36 CEST 2009

Several messages last week debated about a portable R with Tinn-R.
I made such an app just a few weeks ago.
It's called R-TinnR-portables and is available here:

Simply unzip the file downloadable under the name
You'll have R with a bunch of packages and Tinn-R. It runs from a USB
drive and network drive (if the network drive is shared, you should
disable tooltip in Tinn-T).

What is original about this is that I wrote a full bash script (runs on
GNU/Linux with wine) to create the zip archive for MS Windows.
The advantage are:
- you can customise your script. If you want to change something to your
portable R, juste change the appropriate line, run your script and wait
a little while.
- you can build it on GNU/Linux (I tested the result on Windows 2000, XP
and Vista)..

Here are some small extracts of the script:

# set up your mirror:
# just change this when a new stable R version comes out:

# you may add or remove basic R/Rgui components here:
$dernierR-win32.exe /DIR='"'$pathWIN'"' /$interface /COMPONENTS="main,
html, html/help, manuals, manuals/basic, manuals/technical,
manuals/refman, tcl, Rd, trans"

# you may add the packages you want here (instead of "..."):
install.packages(pkgs=c("abind", "aplpack", "Cairo", ...),
repos="'$mirroir'", dependencies=c("Depends", "Imports"),
destdir="c:/RTinnRPortables'$aujourdhui'/temp", clean=F)

Some comments in the script are in French, just ask me if you are
interested, I'll translate them.


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