[R] Los Angeles area R users group

Szilard Pafka szilard.mailinglists at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 02:44:40 CET 2009


Jan de Leeuw and I have taken the initiative to organize a R users group
in Los Angeles with regular meetings.

Our aim is to bring together practitioners (from industry and academia
alike) in order to facilitate a free and open exchange of knowledge and
experience in solving data analysis, statistical modeling, data mining,
visualization, statistical computing etc. problems by using R.

We'll have our meetings at UCLA. We plan our first meeting to be in May
(and then meetings every 2 months or more often). A successful R users
group is already operating in San Francisco, where one of us (S.P.)
attended a very interesting meeting
(http://dataspora.com/blog/predictive-analytics-using-r/). As expected,
the group will be absolutely non-profit oriented.

We'll use meetup.com for posting information related to the meetings.
The website also facilitates information exchange between members
(discussion board, mailing list etc.) Please sign up in order to receive
updates and be able to RSVP for events:

All the best,
Szilard Pafka


Szilard Pafka, Chief Scientist, Epoch
Jan de Leeuw, Chair, UCLA Department of Statistics

Los Angeles R users group website:

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