[R] how to get all iterations if I meet NaN?

Patrizio Frederic frederic.patrizio at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 22:59:33 CET 2009

2009/3/27 huiming song <huimings at gmail.com>:
> hi, everybody, please help me with this question:
> If I want to do iteration for 1000 times, however, for the 500th iteration,
> there is NaN appears. Then the iteration will stop. If I don't want the stop
> and want the all the 1000 iterations be done. What shall I do?
> suppose I have x[1:1000] and z[1:1000],I want to do some calculation for all
> x[1] to x[1000].
> z=rep(0,1000)
> for (i in 1:1000){
>  z[i]=sin(1/x[i])
> }
> if x[900] is 0, in the above code it will not stop when NaN appears. Suppose
> when sin(1/x[900]) is NaN appears and the iteration will now fulfill the
> rest 100 iterations. How can I write a code to let all the 1000 iterations
> be done?

not sure I properly understood. Consider:

 x = seq(-pi,pi,length=1001)
 z = sin(1/x)
# Warning message:
# In sin(1/x) : NaNs produced
x[500:502]; z[500:502]
# [1] -0.006283185  0.000000000  0.006283185
# [1] -0.8754095        NaN  0.8754095

one NaN and one warning have been created, the remaining 1000
calculations has been executed.

lim(x->0)sin(1/x) not exists so sin(1/0) is not a number nan

z1 = z[!is.nan(z)]
x1 = x[!is.nan(z)]

# x and z without the z's nan position

hope that help


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