[R] error when setting up Rcmd BATCH on new computer

Brigid Mooney bkmooney at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 16:35:12 CET 2009


I got a new computer, and am trying to reinstall R and have run into a
bit of a problem when running the BATCH command.
For reference, the OS is Windows Vista, 64 bit.

I installed R 2.8.1 and have the 4-3 files from the following link
extracted with the containing folder in my system PATH variable.

However, when I try to run the following command from the dos prompt:
Rcmd BATCH TestBatch.R testoutput.txt

Note: TestBatch.R is simply a file containing the statement:
print("hello world")

I get the error: \Common was unexpected at this time.

If anyone can provide any insight into this problem, I would really
appreciate it as I thought I remembered all the steps from when I set
this all up on my old computer...


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