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First of all, I'm new to R and I don't have anyone who already knows the
language to ask for tips, so please excuse my ignorance.

I'm trying to download data direct from the Federal Reserve statistics
website and graph it, using the following:

	#This downloads the data from the Fed website

	#This reads that data into a table

	#This is attempting to get R to read the date column, which is in
"mm/dd/yyyy" format
	#I have restricted it to the first 50 data points (to keep it simple)
date_vec = as.Date(data_download[1:50,1],"%m/%d/%y")

	#This reads the values again for just the first 50 data points
eurodollar_vec = data_download[1:50,2]

	#This plots the date and data values.

A few issues with the output from this:

1) The date_vec data ends up looking like this "2019-01-04" - for some
reason all year 2019, irrespective of the actual year (e.g. 1971, 1972). 
Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong?

2) The chart ends up as a scatter diagram, not surprisingly.  I initially
tried to use the ts.plot() function but when I did, I found that it doesn't
use the date column in the data as the x axis.  Is there a way of creating a
time series that uses the date column, or alternatively, how would I turn
these two columns (date & value) into a line graph?

3) The y-axis output should be from about 4.5 to about 8.5, but the y-axis
shows as being about 430-670.  There also seems to be a line of points
across the top which are all of the same value - as though anything above
about 670 gets charted as 670.

I'm sorry for this being a "what am I doing wrong" post, but I have looked
through the manuals without success, and I am new enough to R that I don't
have a feel for ways round these sorts of problems.  Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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