[R] wavethresh start.level problem

Martin Ivanov tramni at abv.bg
Wed Mar 25 19:01:20 CET 2009

Dear R users, 
 I am running R-2.8.1 with wavethresh-2.2-11 
 I have a problem with the function wr, used for reconstructing wd objects. The problem is that I cannot set start.level to any integer value greater than 1. Whenever I set it to any value greater than 1, I get: 
 Building level: 1 reflect: access error (-1,3) 
 Error in mywr(wd = sw.db2A0, start.level = 5, verbose = TRUE, return.object = TRUE) : 
 convolveC: error exit (6) 
 My series is 2^7 long, so I should be able to start the reconstruction from higher levels. 
 Does any one know how to get round this problem? 
 I need to start the reconstruction from higher levels, because I need the approximations and details series reconstructed for each level at the resolution of the highest level. For this reason I need to set the respective approximations coefficients to 0. If I start reconstruction from the lowest level, during reconstruction the coefficients are recalculated and they are no longer 0. 
 I would be grateful also if someone suggests some alternative way of calculating the reconstructions I need, for example using different packages. I selected wavethresh to work with because it is last updated and seems well supported. 
 Martin Ivanov

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