[R] Including greek letters in a pairs() plot

enrico.foscolo2 at libero.it enrico.foscolo2 at libero.it
Wed Mar 25 11:22:45 CET 2009

Good Morning,

I have a stupid problem about inclusion of greek letters in a 
plot built with function pairs().

First of all, I have a matrix with 3 columns 
and 1000 rows and I would like to use pairs() in order to plot points in the 
upper panel and to compute correlation in the lower panel.

In the lower panel 
I would like to see the following text in each ij-plot: hat(rho)[i,j]=cor(x,y). 
Obviously, rho should be written in according to greek alphabet.

This is my 

panel.cor <- function(x,y){



Thank You very much,

Enrico Foscolo

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