[R] problem with Rscript

m.u.r. mmuurr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 00:10:23 CET 2009

Hi all, this is probably some tricky configuration file problem, but I
figure someone here might have come across this in the past:

In short, I've been using Rscript to run my scripts, usually
successfully.  But recently I've run into a strange problem, and the
only function that causes an error is "print".

I can create a file that contains only a print command, and it causes
an error.   Here is a test file, called "test.R":


That's it, just the single print line in the file.  Now, when I try to
execute this file using Rscript (using the same flags I've used
successfully in the past):

Rscript --restore --no-save test.R

I get this error:

Error in print(69) : could not find function "loadMethod"
Execution halted

This problem seems to be isolated to Rscript, not R, as the following
command works just fine:

R --restore --no-save < test.R

has anyone ever seen anything like this with Rscript?  And maybe shed
some light on why "loadMethod" can't be found when starting R via



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