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Steve_Friedman at nps.gov Steve_Friedman at nps.gov
Tue Mar 24 15:31:06 CET 2009


I'm working on a windows XP machine with R 2.8.1

I'm working with lattice and I don't understand how to set the size of the
text for the labels.  Can anyone suggest a solution?

 I'm establishing a melted dataframe first and then setting a key and
calling the plot  as follows;

>  key.variable <- list(space = "right", text =
list(levels(wbirdm$variable)), points = list(pch = 1:3, col=c(1:9)))

> dotplot(wbirdm$value  ~ wbirdm$variable | wbirdm$Region, col=c(1:9), pch=
rep(c(1:3), key = key.variable,  groups=wbirdm$variable, ylab= "Mean HSI"))

This works pretty well, with the exception that the size of x axis labels
is too large.  Also, the key does not appear.

I do appreciate all of the help this group provides.


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