[R] xlsReadWrite library

Hans-Peter Suter gchappi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 10:55:09 CET 2009

2009/3/19 Pascal Candolfi <pcandolfi at gmail.com>:
> Any idea why this library was removed and where could I find it for Windows
> (only Unix in the Archive) ?

As indicated it was for for the binary (non FOSS) component.

Yesterday I checked the existing packages (xlsReadWrite(Pro) on
http://treetron.googlepages.com) if they run on 'R 2.9.0 under
development'. They do fine (well apart from two or three known _small_
bugs ;-).

I made a fully OSS and C-based version meanwhile which downloads (or
gives instruction how to compile for yourself) the necessary DLL from
a non-CRAN source.

However as I wanted to make sure that this 'packaging' still counts as
a 'binary distribution' I explicitely asked the developer from the 3rd
library (Flexcel) if this is ok. Last Friday I got his approval, so at
least technically/legally it is possibled.

When I'm happy with the new RUnit tests, adapted build scripts, etc.,
I'll ask again if 'xlsReadWrite' will be accepted on CRAN in this new
source-only form. I hope so, but if not then there are other
possibilities. In any case I intend to put the repo at some public
space (most probably github).


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