[R] Selecting / creating unique colours for behavioural / transitional data

Olivier Delaigue olivier.delaigue at cemagref.fr
Fri Mar 13 13:56:26 CET 2009

> library(colorRamps)
> image(matrix(1:150, 10), col = blue2green2red(15))


Olivier Delaigue

Ross Culloch wrote:
> Dear all,
> This seems like a simple problem but i've searched the help files and
> tried various options but failed, so apologies in advance for asking what
> i'm sure is an easy thing to do!
> In short, I have displayed behavioural data using the TraMineR package
> such that there is a colour change between the transition of behaviours,
> however, all the methods that i have used thus far have given me gradual
> changes in colour such that it is impossible to tell the difference from
> several of the behaviours. I have looked in the help section here, and
> looked at various books and help files in R, but most seem intent on
> gradual changes in colour for heat, terrain, depth, etc - i may not be
> looking in the correct places, or perhaps i don't know what i'm looking
> for, exactly.
> The code below is the closest i can get to colours being not too similar,
> but it's still hard to tell apart:
> col <- rainbow(15,start = 0, end = 1, gamma = 0.5)
> What i ideally want to do is create a palette with random colours that are
> no where near one another so that i can tell the 15 different behaviours
> apart - is this possible?
> If anyone can help i would be most greatful!
> Best wishes,
> Ross

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