[R] avoiding termination of nls given convergence failure

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For example, 

 for (i in 1:n) {
 try (fit <- nls(...), silent=TRUE)
  if (class(fit) != "try-error") dowhateverthatneedstobedonewiththeresults
  else fit <- NA


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Hello.  I have a script in which I repeatedly fit a nonlinear regression to
a series of data sets using nls and the port algorithm from within a loop.
The general structure of the loop is:

 for(i in 1:n){

 extract relevant vectors of dependent and independent variables 

 estimate starting values for Amax and Q.LCP





Despite trying to estimate good starting values, the nls function
occasionally experiences problems with convergence.  When this happens the
function stops and prints an error message, thus preventing the loop from
continuing.  Is there some what of detecting the convergence problem while
preventing the nls function from stopping when this happens, so that the
loop can continue?

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