[R] Two new R courses in April (US)

David M Smith david at revolution-computing.com
Wed Mar 11 17:24:33 CET 2009

REvolution Computing is hosting two new R courses in New York City and
Chicago in April. Short descriptions are below, but further
information and registration details can be found in the links at:


April 1 (New York City): What's All The Fuss About R? An Introduction
to R Using Real-world Examples.
This one-day, hands-on basic R training provides an introduction to R
through the quantitative exploration of real-world problems. We’ll
begin by using R for exploratory data analysis and statistical
inference; specific topics include graphical methods (both base and
grid graphics) and hypothesis testing via parametric and
non-parametric methods. This introduction motivates a more formal
presentation of the R language, including types of objects,
reading/writing data, functions, loops, and control statements. Other
strengths of R will be addressed, including statistical modeling,
classes and methods, the package management system, and the interface
to C/C++ and Fortran.

April 23 (Chicago): High-Performance Computing in R.
High-performance computing (HPC) technology is more available and
affordable than ever before. Productively using HPC computing has
remained surprisingly difficult, particularly with high-level scripted
languages like R. Fortunately, that is changing. The last few years
have seen significant gains in high-quality HPC computing-related
packages for R including RMPI, SNOW, ParallelR and many more. This
one-day course will present an overview of available HPC technologies
for the R language, and will demonstrate each technology with simple
examples that can be used as starting points for more sophisticated
work. (Ideal for attendees of R/Finance 2009.)

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