[R] popular R packages

Max Kuhn mxkuhn at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 17:24:38 CET 2009

If is easy to get the download numbers, we should do it and deal with
the interpretation issues. I'd like to know the numbers so I can
understand which (of my) packages have the most usage.

One other compication about # downloads: I suspect that a package
being on teh depends/suggests/imports list of another package might be
a big driver with respect to how many times that it was downloaded.

If I remember correctly, about 5 years ago Bioconductor asked for
volunteers to review packages to get detailed, specific feedback by
people who use the package (and should be fairly R proficient). I
think that this is pretty important and something like Crantastic is a
good interface. I personally got a lot out of the comments the a JSS
reviewer had for a package.



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