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Jani Lobo lobo at grupocomar.com
Thu Mar 5 17:54:22 CET 2009

Dear Sirs,




I want to estimate the survival mean of a few specific teams. I'm trying to
calculate it through a Kaplan Meier estimator. For doing so, I load the
"survival" package and run the following instructions: 




"options(survfit.print.mean=TRUE)"      allows showing the mean and mean
standard error 


"KM=survfit(Surv(Dias,Censura))"          runs the model


"KM"                                     shows the model




It is in this very moment when it shows the mean value and the mean standard


I'd like to know if there is any instruction that returns the mean value and
its standard error, something like:








Thank you very much in advanced.




Sincerely yours,



Alejandro G. Lobo

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