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Dear Bernd,

I fully subscribe to Jim and Philipp's posts, plus a note on operating
systems, case you're a Windows user. I've got an eeePC 900, standard
Xandros Linux version, happily running R. With LaTeX-Beamer installed,
weighing less than 1 Kg and with WiFi this makes for an excellent
companion on conferences and meetings. You can also get models with
built-in UMTS from telecoms.
As this was my first Linux box in my Windows-useR experience, the feel
of R was quite different at the beginning; then I started using
Emacs+ESS and i liked it so much that I took it over to Windows as well,
so now the feel is the same for me irrespective of the OS I'm on (plus
much, much more! but maybe you know that already).
As for the general user experience, be careful that SDD performance is
very erratic across models, which affects almost everything. See this
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy8ZRoGbCxE if you like. My machine boots
in 25'' and is reasonably responsive anyway (file manager takes some
5-10'' to open up, but it's one of the slowest things; R loads
immediately; Emacs takes 5-10'' as well).


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On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 08:47:25AM +0000, herrdittmann at yahoo.co.uk
> With the rise of netbooks and 'lifestyle laptops" I am tempted to
> get one of these to mainly run R on it. Processor power and hard
> disk space seem to be ok. What I wonder is the handling and feel
> with respect to R.
> Has anyone here installed or is running R on one of these, and if
> so, what is your experience? Would it be more of a nice looking
> gadget than a feasable platform to do some stats on?

I have R on my ASUS eeePC 1000H under Debian Linux and it works just
fine. In my opinion the most limiting thing is the small keyboard.
Everything else (RAM, Screen, CPU power) is what you would expect
given the specs: Not the platform of choice for large-scale number 
crunching or writing elaborate programs but certainly good enough to
do a little work on the train/plane/hotel/...


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