[R] Descriptive stats for factors in SEM

Sebastian Spaeth sspaeth at ethz.ch
Wed Mar 4 11:19:41 CET 2009

I feel really dumb for having to ask this, but here I go anyway...

I perform structural equation modeling on a survey, using about 25
variables that create a total of 5 latent variables (factors).

Applying sem (using the sem package) was a piece of cake, even for an
(SEM) layman, thanks for THE excellent work here. I have all the
variable/path coefficients, A- and P-matrix etc. But now I am stuck with
a seemingly simple task.

How do I compute the values of my latent variables, using the data I have?

I need a table for my factors, showing mean, st.dev, and correlations,
as seems common in journals. But I don't seem able to calculate the
values that my factors take. How would I go best about to get
descriptive statistics and a correlation table for my factors?

I searched the archives and read as many articles by John Fox as I
could, but this seems way to basic to deserve any mention :-).

Thanks for any hint,
Sebastian Spaeth

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