[R] TinnR & Philips Webcam

waterhouse at vims.edu waterhouse at vims.edu
Mon Mar 2 18:48:16 CET 2009

Hi All,

I have a Philips Webcam, model SPC110NC.  I had to download a diver in order for the webcam to work with Skype from the philips support page (www.philips.com/support).

Now when I start up TinnR to use with R, it opens the webcam.  If I manually start up R, Tinn R will no longer synch with it. 

Also, when I install the webcam driver there doesn't appear to be anyway to modify the install (when I choose custom installation there aren't any options to change).

I can get Tinn R working by uninstalling the webcam driver.  However, I was hoping i'd be able to keep both installed.

Does anyone have a possible solution or any hints?

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