[R] Question about normalization to a set of internal standards

Waverley waverley.paloalto at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 03:30:25 CET 2009


I have a question of the method as how to normalize the data sets
according to a set of the internal measurements.

For example, I have performed two batches of experiments contrasting
two different conditions (positive versus negative conditions): one at
a time.

1. each experiment, I measure signals of variable v1 to v100. I want
to understand v1 to v100 change under these two contrasting conditions

2. Also I know different variables v101 to v1110, total of 10 of them,
although they are different from each other, but they would of the
same or similar values under these two contrasting conditions

3. How do I do the internal normalization?  How can I use the the
variable v101 to v110 values to normalize the measures of v1 to v100
at either positive or negative condition to minimize batch effect?  I
hope the comparisons of values (v1 to v100) between two different
conditions can be more accurate and robust to external noises.

In general, I have a couple of matrices of the same dimensions and a
reference matrix of values to be used as reference values to be
normalize to.  How should I do that?

Waverley @ Palo Alto

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