[R] Unicode

R Heberto Ghezzo, Dr heberto.ghezzo at mcgill.ca
Thu Jan 29 19:57:07 CET 2009

Hello, can somebody explain me why the following program does not work?
Which pages of Unicode are implemented?
the u22xx and 2Axx are math symbols and extensions
Heberto Ghezzo

 text(1.0,1.2,"a \u2A8A b \u222C c \u5222 d", cex=2)
 text(1.0,1.1," \u222C ", cex=2)
 text(1.0,1.0,"b \u222C c", cex=2)
 text(1.2,1.0,"c \u5222 d", cex=2)
 text(0.8,0.9,"a \u2A8A b", cex=2)

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