[R] Help

Huihua Lu hlu3 at mix.wvu.edu
Tue Jan 27 05:33:55 CET 2009

Hi, All,

I want to construct a pareto chart for my data. My data has two 
columns: modules and defects(each module has several defects). Now I 
use pareto.chart to create a chart for defects which y axis is 
cumulative percentage of defect, and x axis is value of defect. That 
is not what I want. I need the x axis be percentage of modules. Is 
there any way that I can change the scale of x axis, that make x axis 
be percent scale for modules, like 0% to 100% modules. So that I can 
directly read the chart, is that 20% modules contains 80% defect. Or, 
is there any function that I can use to achive it directly?
Thank you in advanced!


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