[R] Function able to identify the row and the column in a matrix

enrico.foscolo2 at libero.it enrico.foscolo2 at libero.it
Wed Jan 21 11:52:42 CET 2009

Good morning to all,

I should evaluate a function for every cell of a given 
matrix with n rows and n columns.

This function, named fun(), has got two 
arguments: the number of the row and the number of the column which 
characterized every single cell.

So the result should be

 fun(1,1) fun(1,2) 
... fun(1,n)
 fun(2,1) fun(2,2) ... fun(2,n)
 ...            ...            ... 
 fun(n,1) fun(n,2) ... fun(n,n)

Does it exist a function which could build 
this new matrix, where each element in the cell (i,j) is fun(i,j), with 1<=i,

Thank you very much,

Enrico Foscolo

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