[R] Stacked barplot with two stacked bars besides each other

Daniel Brewer daniel.brewer at icr.ac.uk
Tue Jan 20 11:28:32 CET 2009


I have a particular barplot I would like to generate, but I am having
trouble getting it to work.  What I would like is in effect two barplots
 with stacked bars merged into one.  For example,  I have two samples
(yoda1,yoda2) on which I measure whether two variables (var1,var2) are
present or absent for a number of measurements on that sample.

> var1 <- data.frame(yoda1=c(3,7), yoda2=c(1,9))
> var2 <- data.frame(yoda1=c(8,2), yoda2=c(5,5))

For each variable I can plot a barplot

> barplot(as.matrix(var1))
> barplot(as.matrix(var2))

I would like to join these together, so that for each sample there are
two stacked bars next to each other, one for var1 and the other for
var2.  I was thinking something like:

> barplot(list(as.matrix(var1),as.matrix(var2)))

would work, but it didn't.

Any suggestions you could make would be great.


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