[R] Problem between panel.abline and log scales (lattice)

Ptit_Bleu ptit_bleu at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 12 11:10:51 CET 2009

Hello and Happy New Year to all R-Users !!!

I would like to plot a lattice graph with a logarthmic y axis and add two
reference lines that is :

ref<-c(0.0070, 0.0096)

graph1<-xyplot(data$y1 ~ as.numeric(strptime(data$x1, format="%Y-%m-%d
%H:%M:%S")) | as.character(data$Code),
list(y = list(log = T)),
xlab="X'", ylab="Y",
panel = function(...) {
                panel.xyplot(..., type="p", pch=20)
                panel.abline(h=ref, col="red")


With this script, no reference lines are plotted.
But if I use list(y = list(log = F)), that is a linear scale, it works.

Could you please explain me the problem (and help me to solve it) ?
Thanks in advance,
Ptit Bleu. 
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