[R] R in the NY Times

Rubén Roa-Ureta rroa at udec.cl
Wed Jan 7 16:00:28 CET 2009

Zaslavsky, Alan M. wrote:
> This article is accompanied by nice pictures of Robert and Ross.
> Data Analysts Captivated by Power of R
>   http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/07/technology/business-computing/07program.html
Thanks for the heads up. The R morale is going through the roof!
I've given three courses on R since the second half of 2007 here in 
Chile (geostatistics, Fisheries Libraries for R, and generalized linear 
models) and all my three audiences (professionals working in academia, 
government, and private research institutions) were very much impressed 
by the power of R. I spent as much time on R itself as on the 
statistical topics, since students wanted to learn data management and 
graphics once they started to grasp the basic elements.
R creators, Core Team, package creators and maintainers, and experts on 
the list, thanks so much for such a great work and such an open 
attitude. You lead by example.

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