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Dear Jason,

Have a look at scale_y_continuous() and scale_fill_discrete(). This might work (untested as your example is not reproducible with a (dummy) dataset).

qplot(Age, data = recerts_combined_values, binwidth = 5, fill = combined_values$Test.Type, main="Combined Age Histogram") + scale_x_continuous("Age, months") + scale_y_continuous("Counts") + scale_fill_discrete("Type of Tests")



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Great advice.  I did a quick read and came up with the following:
qplot(Age, data = recerts_combined_values, binwidth = 5,
         fill = combined_values$Test.Type, 
         ylab="Counts", xlab="Age, months", 
         main="Combined Age Histogram", 
         legend.name = "Type of Tests")

Unfortunatley, here is a description of the results:
(1) the "main" title font size by default is too large and is clipped by the image (guess I need to figure out how to fix this), 
(2) ylab appears to fail - it does not replace the default "count" label - what should I do to fix this?
(3) like (2), neither using "legend.name" nor "legend.title" appears to replace/change the name of the legend title/name.  
By any chance can you provide some advice for tackeling these items?  These are probably due to me being a noobie on the ggplot2 package.  
Thanks again.

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On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 6:51 PM, Jason Rupert <jasonkrupert op yahoo.com>
> Understood.  Will head the warning about odd way to display data.
> Any recommendations about where I look to find full details about
> I tried ?qplot, but it did not return full details.
> That description was missing a few items, e.g. fill, which is used below.

The best place to start is the qplot chapter of the ggplot2 book -




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