[R] How Google and Facebook are using R - notes from use R! SF panel

Michael E. Driscoll mike at dataspora.com
Sat Feb 21 02:30:32 CET 2009

Of interest to R Users, here are notes from a panel Jim Porzak and I
co-hosted this week -- how two companies in the Bay Area are using R.


"Facebook's Data Team used R in 2007 to answer two questions about new
users: (i) which data points predict whether a user will stay? and
(ii) if they stay, which data points predict how active they'll be
after three months?  For the first question, Itamar's team used
recursive partitioning (via the rpart package) ... [F]or the second
question, they fit the data to a logistic model using a least angle
regression approach (via the lars package)."

[March 11 event is with Spencer Graves & Sundar Dorai-Raj on Creating
R Packages.]
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