[R] Problem with retrieving updated variables after attach()

David Croll david.croll at gmx.ch
Tue Feb 10 12:02:53 CET 2009


suppose I have a data frame:

> mat
 id age
1 NA  NA
2 NA  NA
3 NA  NA
4 NA  NA
5 NA  NA

Then I attach the data frame:

> attach(mat)

I assign some new values...

> id <<- sample(100,5)
> age <<- rnorm(5,mean=30)

Then I want to create a new data frame from the variables id and age which still are attached to position 2 of the R environment...

> new_mat <- data.frame(ls(pos=2)) # I want to rescue ALL variables that were created by attach(mat)

> new_mat
1         age
2          id

But this leads to a bogus object... how can I rescue the updated id and age values into new_mat?



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