[R] Next-generation sequencing data analysis with R

Tobias Verbeke tobias.verbeke at openanalytics.be
Mon Feb 9 21:26:37 CET 2009

Hi Frank,

> Hello, everyone!
> I have a set of proteomic data .And I do a solexa sequencing in the corresponding sample. So I get much mass sequencing data. How can I using R to integrate those two set data. I wonder if some tool or R package would help me?

You are more likely to receive a reply on the BioConductor mailing list. 
BioConductor is an R based platform specifically targeted at the 
analysis of omic data.


There also is a special interest group related to the
BioConductor efforts in the area of these novel
high-througput sequencing technologies. Their mailing list can be found at



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